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PunPunCircle / プンプンサークル
LIVE音源カセット『Live in Miyazaki』を自主リリース。
015年に7inchシングル『Tsuki Nukeru』をリリース。

In 2013, he starts performing with his guitar on streets. At the same time, he began to put out music on his soundcloud and self-released "Live in Miyazaki" in cassette format.
In 2015, a 7-inch single "Tsuki Nukeru" was released.
In 2016, his debut album "P U N" was released in CD/LP format.
As a multi-instrumentalist, he plays not only the guitar, but also the bass, synth, mandolin, ukulele, xylophone and percussions. By incorporating different rhythms from other countries, he creates a music that has a unique sense of foreignness.