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PRINCE GRAVES / プリンスグレイヴス
Ami Kawai によるソロプロジェクト。
She Talks Silence ののメンバーとして活躍後、2015 年より活動開始。
バンド・セットではサポートに Cairophenomenons のメンバーを迎え、La sera(US) や Patience(US)ら海外バンドのオープ ニング・アクトを務めるなど、海外インディ・シーンとリンクしたバンド勢が再浮上しつつある現在の東京インディ・シーンの中でも注目すべき存在。
昨年1stアルバムをリリース。現在のライブサポートメンバーは須田洋次郎(ミツメ)、リンカイ(Cairophenomenons)、カイムラカミ(I Saw You Yesterday)、橋本竜樹(Nag Ar Juna)。

A solo project by Ami Kawai.
After performing as a member of She Talks Silence, Kawai began her solo project in 2015.
On her live set, she performs together with members of Cairophenomenos. The band was picked by international acts such as Le sera (US) and Patiences (US) to support their shows in Japan.
Especially in the current Tokyo indie music scene where those bands who share the similarity with the current western music scene are resurfacing, they are definitely a band worth watching for.
The current band members are Yojiro Suda (Mitsume), Rinkai (Cairophenomenons), Kai Murakami (I Saw Your Yesterday) and Tatsuki Hashimoto (Nag Ar Juna).
Her unique artworks and music video are all self-directed by Kawai herself. Also as an organizer of a periodical event called "NEWPLANET" at NEWPORT in Yoyogi Hachiman, she shows support to other solo female artists as well as holding events to focus on photography and music.